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The services we offer to the people are exams, x-rays, srp, dental prophylaxis, extractions, fillings and even root canals. Each volunteer/guest will have their trip pre-arranged for them. A member of our team will assist you with all necessary arrangements as follows:

1.Coordination with the volunteer prior to the trip to discuss the specific procedure mix the volunteer(s) are willing to donate to this very worthwhile and rewarding cause.

2.How many hours per day and how many days you want to spend doing dentistry.

3.Your required documents such as: passport, copy of current license, dental diploma and curriculum vitae. We will take care of all communication with the Department of Health in El Salvador.

4.You will be picked up and returned to the Airport.

5.If you would rather have a vehicle we will arrange a rental.

6.Recommended items to bring are sunscreen, dental loupes and any specific instruments related to your practice that you can’t live without.

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