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About El Salvador

Central America only has two seasons: Wet and Dry. Wet season is from May through November and dry season from December through April. In El Cuco, the town our clinic is at the temperature is always between 80(26c)and 90(32c)degrees Fahrenheit. During the wet season the storms come in from the ocean, usually about an hour after sunset. The storms are beautiful and refreshing. Because of the abundant rainfall the countryside is lush and green. The dry season is considered the summer (verano).

Surf: Las Flores is a very consistent break during the wet season. However, some of my most memorable sessions have been during the dry season. The period from December to March usually have many good long board days (3-6 feet) with few people in the water.

Punto Mango

This is a good hollow wave just a 20 minute boat ride up the coast. Both Punto and Las Flores are point breaks to the right and are best on low tide. The beach break right in front of my house is good when less than 5 feet and favors high tide.


The fishing is good! I usually plan fishing early in the week of my trip so I can have a freezer full of meat that I don’t have to buy. Chepe, our fishing guide is guaranteed to be a good captain and a fun host. He also is our captain to boat trips to Punto Mango.


If your idea of a good vacation includes an exciting night life, we better arrange a couple of nights in the capital, San Salvador. San Salvador is a beautiful city with plenty of world class restaurants and bars. A trip to the mall and a good restaurant is usually a good plan, especially for the ladies. But once you reach El Cuco the folks go to bed about an hour after sunset. They also get up about an hour before sunrise.

The People

El Salvadorans are very friendly people, to each other and to foreigners. You will notice the tranquil spirit of these people and their smiles. They seem genuinely happy. El Salvador is about the size of Massachusetts and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala and Honduras.  


You will be responsible for the cost of airfare and for purchasing of your flight. We will gladly assist with the arrangements.


We will make arrangements to pick you up at the airport and to transport you back when you are scheduled to return home.

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