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We would like to book small volunteer groups from two - six people.  This group could be all dentists, all hygienists, or a mixture of both.  It could also be a dentist or two and their office staff such as assistants, hygienists or front desk personnel.  The spouses are invited as well.  We have only two rooms available at the house where the clinic is housed  but there are several good hotels close by and offer discounts to any dental volunteer because of your willingness to help their community.  Please visit our contact page so that we may make arrangements for you.
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Dr. Swaja
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Mission Trips
  May 2014 Trip
Work and Pleasure In El Salvador
September 2014 Trip
After A Hard Day's Work
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November 2014 Trip
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May 2015 Trip
Dr. McKenzie Farnham                          Florida

Dr. Jeremy Oakley                                 Hawaii

Dr. Peter Kelly                                        Maryland

Dr. John Leland                                      Texas                           
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May 2016 Mission Trip
From left to right:

Dr. JJ Oakley, Karla Ramos-dental assistant, 
Dr. John Leland, 
Arcides Salmeron, 
Melvin Segovia, a patient, 
Dr. Mackenzie Farnham, and Dr.Thomas Farrell.
November 2016 Trip
Drs. Mindy and Brad Richtsmeier
So far, we have scheduled 2017 trips for January, February, May and June.

We are also keeping the clinic busy most weekends with the Salvadorean dentists who volunteer through our sister organization Fundassonrisas.
Subject: El Cuco

Greetings, Dr. Leland!

What an amazing trip my hubby and I had to El Salvador! I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to serve those gracious people with such incredible accommodations and assistance from the wonderful team that you have down there! Brad and I have participated in larger international dental missions in the past with organizations such as Great Shapes, and those were great experiences. This more grass roots mission, however, was an experience like no other!

Bravo to you for what you have organized there! Karla and Alcides shared stories with me about your early mission work there and how it developed into what it is now, and I loved every bit of what I heard! This vision of yours has definitely come to fruition and I look forward to doing what I can to help you develop it further. You are so fortunate to have a very dedicated and hard working team in El Salvador! I can't say enough great things about Karla and her family. Karla is such a hard worker and she dedicates herself to this mission when she has doctors there to serve. What a gem! Your home is gorgeous and I want you to know that Karla and her family took excellent care of us and the property- they left nothing to be desired. I even got my baby fix while we were there, missing my own kids (2 and 5), with Karla's and Alcides' little ones. Alcides' baby girl even has the same name as our daughter, Emma! Alcides taught me how to surf and I loved every minute of it! Sunrise coffee at 5:30, surfing at 6:30, quick rinse off and breakfast, patients at 8. What an incredible routine! I don't know if they shared this with you, but I got stabbed by a stingray my first day out surfing, on Sunday, and the whole family took such great care of me that night, boiling pot after pot of hot water to soak my foot- healed right up and didn't even slow me down. I really can't say enough great things about your team there. Oscar is a great asset down there, as well, very motivated for the continued and growing success of Fundasonrisas. 

Thank you again for this incredible opportunity, Dr. Leland!
Mindy Richtsmeier

Mindy Richtsmeier, DDS
Lifepoint Dental Partners
1903 EP True Pkwy, Ste 301
West Des Moines, IA 50265
W: 515.224.1618
M: 515.333.1326

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El Salvadorean Dentists
Jan 11-16,  2017
Dr. Linda Linsinbigler and Hygienist Mahrya Hill Hart from Massachusets
Feb 17-25, 2017
Dr. Carl Ferreira from Maryland
May 5-12, 2017
Dr. Donald Zelazny from Michigan

Dr. John Leland
June 10-17, 2017
Dr. Carlson and Son
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